Friday, August 20, 2010

Swift Juicy Corned Beef in Pouch

Since moving to our own place in August, Gabby and I have been preoccupied with finding the best ready-to-eat corned beef. We've tried several and for us, the winner is Swift's Juicy Corned Beed in a Pouch.

Retailed at around Php23-24 in groceries and supermarkets, all you have to do is submerge this foil in hot water for 3 minutes then you can eat it. What I do is I wash the entire thing then put it in the rice cooker when the rice is almost cooked. That way I don't have to heat water. Such a lot of savings!

Both me and Gabby likes to eat this with Cheezwiz rice. Yes, that's correct. We put a spoonful Cheezwiz on newly cooked rice to add more flavor to it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inviting All Budget Bloggers to Join BC Bloggers 4

For all fellow budget bloggers out there,  BC Bloggers 4 is now accepting members. This blogger network is good for creating quality backlinks to your blog, which we all know to be important if you want to get a Google Page Ranking. 


Just check out the following posts for the full instructions on how to join this blogging network.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I officially moved houses last August 1 and so did my mom and my sister. My sister borrowed my yoga mat so she and her live in partner have something to use as a picnic mat for the time being. Since I'd be attending Tai Chi classes in SM Muntinlupa for free every Saturday, I need to buy one. I bought this light green yoga mat from NOVO for only 120 pesos. Its's super cheap. Cheaper my blue mat which cost me 300 pesos before!!!

Say hooray for CHINA for producing cheap, quality products!