Friday, August 20, 2010

Swift Juicy Corned Beef in Pouch

Since moving to our own place in August, Gabby and I have been preoccupied with finding the best ready-to-eat corned beef. We've tried several and for us, the winner is Swift's Juicy Corned Beed in a Pouch.

Retailed at around Php23-24 in groceries and supermarkets, all you have to do is submerge this foil in hot water for 3 minutes then you can eat it. What I do is I wash the entire thing then put it in the rice cooker when the rice is almost cooked. That way I don't have to heat water. Such a lot of savings!

Both me and Gabby likes to eat this with Cheezwiz rice. Yes, that's correct. We put a spoonful Cheezwiz on newly cooked rice to add more flavor to it.

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