Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watch Italian Movies for FREE

A movie date need not be expensive. With so many foreign embassies promoting the films of their respective countries under the banner of "cultural sharing," you can literally have a movie date with your special someone or your friends for FREE for several days. And you can do it in classy malls, too. You only need money for your fare and your food. If you're really on a budget, then bring a sandwich and a bottle of juice with you. A 27 peso sweet and salty Kettle popcorn is all you need and you've got the perfect movie experience.

You can do this FREE movie date these October with Italian cinematic masterpieces.Cineplex is partnering with the Philippine Italian Association to bring to Filipino moviegoers 15 critically acclaimed Italian movies that will capture your minds and hearts. These will be screened at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 4 from October 21-26, 2010. 

Here is a screening schedule:

October 20 (Wednesday)
OPENING NIGHT (by invitation only)

7:30 PM Three Men And A Leg

October 21 (Thursday)
1:30 PM If I Were You (1:40)
4:00 PM Hard Boiled Egg (1:40)
6:30 PM The Girl By The Lake (1:35)
9:00 PM Good Morning Heatache (1:33)

October 22 (Friday)
1:30 PM We Can Do That(1:51)
4:00 PM Ginger and Cinnamon (1:49)
6:30 PM Different From Whom (1:48)
9:00 PM Unsane (1:50)

October 23 (Saturday)
1:30 PM Almost Blue (1:35)
4:00 PM Ask Me If I'm Happy (1:40)
6:30 PM The Stendhal Syndrome (2:00)
9:00 PM Such Is Life (1:48)

October 24 (Sunday)
1:30 PM Night Before The Exams (1:40)
4:00 PM Unsane (1:50)
6:30 PM Ginger and Cinnamon (1:49)
9:00 PM Three Men And A Leg (1:40)

October 25 (Monday)
1:30 PM Good Morning Heatache (1:33)
4:00 PM The Stendhal Syndrome (2:00)
6:30 PM If I Were You (1:40)
9:00 PM Ask Me If I'm Happy (1:40)

October 26 (Tuesday)
1:30 PM The Girl By Lake (1:35)
4:00 PM The Feast (1:42)
6:30 PM Such Is Life (1:48)
9:00 PM Almost Blue (1:35)

For other inquiries, please contact 633-7851 loc.113 or log on to www.shangrila-plaza.com

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