Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 Web Sites That Will Save You Hundreds of Pesos

Who doesn't want to save money while your're shopping or enjoying a delicious meal? I know I do. Thankfully, some very enterprising Pinoys are filling this desire by setting up group buying sites that give consumers at most 90% discounts on products and services. They've got really amazing deals that won't make you feel guilty about swiping that plastic of yours, or clicking that Paypal Buy Now button. So, without further ado, here are 4 web sites that will save you hundreds of pesos just by shopping! Enjoy them!

1. Cash Cash Pinoy  --  This was started by band of guys who decided to use Internet and Social media in Philippines to connect consumers to cool stuff. You can avail of great deals for as much as 90% off its original value.  

2. Awesome.ph -- One of the new sites on the block, expect many more awesome deals from this site. I bought a Ventusa Hilot for only P24 in this site. 

3. Ensogo  Philippines -- When I first saw this site, I wonder what Ensogo means. Checking out the site's About Us page enlightened me on that one. It's an acronym for "Entertain, Social, and Go." Apparently, it has presence in Indonesia and Thailand, not only the Philippines. 

4. Buyanihan -- Get the best deals in town for less than the original amount! So far, deals here are 50% off their regular price. Worth checking out if you live in the metro.

Check out these web sites now and enjoy great deals!

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