Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My P100 Pink Dress

My friend Andrea got married in December 2008. It looked like a grand event so I needed a new dress for the occasion. Since I am not one for buying expensive dresses, I patiently searched local ukay-ukay stores for a suitable dress. After three ukay-ukay stores, I found this pink dress, which I bought for P100.

Pardon the crappiness of the picture but I only used my camera phone to take it. Given the right body, this dress looks great. I just wished I had  better body to go with this dress.  When I wore it I just look fat!

Talk about not hiding you curves! FYI: I gained weight since this wedding and haven't been worn the dress again. But when I checked my weight yesterday, I found that I lost 16 pounds and I can fit on the dress again. But I am not wearing it until I have lost a few inches on my middle.

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